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1Legal bases of formation of democratic transformations through constitutional reforms in the Republic of Kazakhstan10.32523/2616-6844-2020-132-3-8-20
  • Abdrassulov E.
  • Bazhay K.
VOLUME 132, 2020 NUMBER 3
2The concept and entity of the crime of migrants10.32523/2616-6844-2020-132-3-21-29
  • Mammadov R.
VOLUME 132, 2020 NUMBER 3
3Judicial practice of environmental rights protection in civil proceedings10.32523/2616-6844-2020-132-3-30-43
  • Mukasheva A. A.
  • Ibrayev A.
VOLUME 132, 2020 NUMBER 3
4The essence of electronic commerce and electronic transactions10.32523/2616-6844-2020-132-3-44-56
  • Zhumadilova M.
  • Dussipov Y.
  • Zhussupbekova M.
VOLUME 132, 2020 NUMBER 3
5Features of the international legal regime for missile technology control10.32523/2616-6844-2020-132-3-57-66
  • Solntsev A.
  • Esenbayeva G.
  • Akshalova R.
VOLUME 132, 2020 NUMBER 3
6The procedure and limits of application of norms of international law in the territories of some EAEU member countries10.32523/2616-6844-2020-132-3-67-75
  • Tlepina T.
  • Zukay Z.
VOLUME 132, 2020 NUMBER 3
7Relevance of determining the jurisdiction of administrative courts in the Republic of Kazakhstan10.32523/2616-6844-2020-132-3-76-84
  • Balabiyev K. R.
VOLUME 132, 2020 NUMBER 3
8On the issue of an interdisciplinary approach as a way to improve the legal regulation of state veterinary supervision10.32523/2616-6844-2020-132-3-85-92
  • Soboleva J.
VOLUME 132, 2020 NUMBER 3