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1Content and main stages of political reform of Kazakhstan’s judicial system10.32523/2616-6844-2018-124-3-8-14
  • Kumisov N. O.
  • Zhanpeisova K. D.

VOLUME 124, 2018 NUMBER 3
2Consolidation and recognition o f th e concep t o f politica l right s and freedoms in the Republic ofKazakhstan10.32523/2616-6844-2018-124-3-15-21
  • Amandykova S. K.
  • Bilyalova M. I.

VOLUME 124, 2018 NUMBER 3
3Constitutional and legal regulation of the principle of multi-party system in the Republic of Kazakhstan10.32523/2616-6844-2018-124-3-22-27
  • Kalmaganbetova D. B.
  • Complak K.

VOLUME 124, 2018 NUMBER 3
4The peculiarities of administrative liability imposed to the officers of the internal affairs agencies for commission of environmental offences10.32523/2616-6844-2018-124-3-28-32
  • Bagisov N. B.

VOLUME 124, 2018 NUMBER 3
5The role of information technology in legal education10.32523/2616-6844-2018-124-3-33-38
  • Akhmetov A. S.

VOLUME 124, 2018 NUMBER 3
6Countering Cyberbullying in the United States, the Russian Federation and the Republic of Kazakhstan10.32523/2616-6844-2018-124-3-39-46
  • Bukalerova L. A.
  • Ostroushko A. V.
  • Muratkhan M. B.
  • Bukalerov A. A.

VOLUME 124, 2018 NUMBER 3
7Actual aspects of forming and implementing state anticorruption policy in the Republic of Kazakhstan10.32523/2616-6844-2018-124-3-47-52
  • Каpsalyamov K. Z.
  • Kаpsalyamovа S. S.

VOLUME 124, 2018 NUMBER 3
8Economic smuggling as a type of organized crime10.32523/2616-6844-2018-124-3-53-59
  • Seilkhanov Z. D.

VOLUME 124, 2018 NUMBER 3
9Criminal policy in the system of combating female terrorism10.32523/2616-6844-2018-124-3-60-65
  • Sembekova B. R.

VOLUME 124, 2018 NUMBER 3
10Suspected, defendant: questions of perfection of judicially-legal status10.32523/2616-6844-2018-124-3-66-69
  • Akhpanov A. N.

VOLUME 124, 2018 NUMBER 3
11Issues of countering the unauthorized occupation of state lands (unauthorized seizure of land)10.32523/2616-6844-2018-124-3-70-77
  • Dzhaksybayev A. S.

VOLUME 124, 2018 NUMBER 3
12Subjects of the inheritance related legal relations10.32523/2616-6844-2018-124-3-78-86
  • Nukusheva . .

VOLUME 124, 2018 NUMBER 3
13The legal nature of the surrogate motherhood contract, its features10.32523/2616-6844-2018-124-3-87-92
  • Saktaganova I. S.
  • Musaeva A. Y.

VOLUME 124, 2018 NUMBER 3
14Some issues of improving the liability of individuals in international law10.32523/2616-6844-2018-124-3-93-96
  • Amandykova L. .
  • Abdizhami A. Z.

VOLUME 124, 2018 NUMBER 3
15Development of international law and policy governing disasters through the influence of the concepts of prevention and mitigation10.32523/2616-6844-2018-124-3-97-108
  • Assanova T. S.

VOLUME 124, 2018 NUMBER 3
16International legal forms of realization of transit potential Kazakhstan and its participation in solving world transit problems10.32523/2616-6844-2018-124-3-109-114
  • Sarsembayev . .

VOLUME 124, 2018 NUMBER 3