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1Some aspects of the legal regulation of universal declaration as one of the methods for improving tax activity10.32523/2616-6844-2020-130-1-8-15
  • Kapsalyamov K. Z.
  • Kapsalyamova S. S.
  • Osmanova D. B.
VOLUME 130, 2020 NUMBER 1
2Functional analysis of some aspects of implementation the concept of the legal policy of the Republic of Kazakhstan for 2010-202010.32523/2616-6844-2020-130-1-16-21
    VOLUME 130, 2020 NUMBER 1
    3The place of legal culture in the development of statehood of the Republic of Kazahstan10.32523/2616-6844-2020-130-1-22-28
    • Ospanova A. N.
    • Ibragimov Z.
    VOLUME 130, 2020 NUMBER 1
    4«Crime», «criminal misconduct» and «administrative offense»: similarity and differences10.32523/2616-6844-2020-130-1-29-41
    • Kuanaliyeva G. A.
    • Muratkhanova M. B.
    • Makhambetsaliyev D. B.
    • Kalkayeva N. B.
    VOLUME 130, 2020 NUMBER 1
    5Use of special knowledge in the investigation of terrorist acts10.32523/2616-6844-2020-130-1-42-47
      VOLUME 130, 2020 NUMBER 1
      6The main trends in the use of evaluation categories in the criminal legislation of foreign countries10.32523/2616-6844-2020-130-1-48-63
      • Seitzhanova N. K.
      VOLUME 130, 2020 NUMBER 1
      7Criminological analysis of criminal offences of a terrorist orientation10.32523/2616-6844-2020-130-1-64-71
      • Sembekova B. R.
      VOLUME 130, 2020 NUMBER 1
      8Establishment of the social and legal institution of the fight against corruption in Russia and the Republic of Kazakhstan10.32523/2616-6844-2020-130-1-72-77
      • Suncov A. P.
      • Тolegenqyzy A.
      VOLUME 130, 2020 NUMBER 1
      9Harmonization of labor legislation of the EAEU countries10.32523/2616-6844-2020-130-1-78-83
      • Alimkhanova S. K.
      VOLUME 130, 2020 NUMBER 1
      10The World Experience in Mediation and its Application at the Development of the Judicial System of the Republic of Kazakhstan10.32523/2616-6844-2020-130-1-84-92
      • Balabiyev K. R.
      VOLUME 130, 2020 NUMBER 1
      11Restriction of vindication as a way of protecting the rights of a bona fide purchaser of real estate10.32523/2616-6844-2020-130-1-93-99
      • Mukasheva A. A.
      • Sabirov K. K.
      • Kaltayeva A. T.
      VOLUME 130, 2020 NUMBER 1
      12On the limits of the exercise of subjective civil rights by entrepreneurs10.32523/2616-6844-2020-130-1-100-112
        VOLUME 130, 2020 NUMBER 1