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1Organizational and legal strategy of digitalization of the Ministry of Finance of Kazakhstan10.32523/2616-6844-2019-127-2-8-14
  • Каpsalyamov K. Z.
  • Kаpsalyamovа S. S.

VOLUME 127, 2019 NUMBER 2
2Tselerant form of criminal pre-trial proceedings10.32523/2616-6844-2019-127-2-15-27
  • Akhpanov A. N.

VOLUME 127, 2019 NUMBER 2
3Problems of improving legislation on issues related to the execution of the sentence10.32523/2616-6844-2019-127-2-28-39
  • Bаlgyntayev A. .
  • Каnаtоv A. .

VOLUME 127, 2019 NUMBER 2
4Overview of illegal actions in the field of shared housing10.32523/2616-6844-2019-127-2-40-47
  • Zhunisbekov N. N.

VOLUME 127, 2019 NUMBER 2
5Socio-economic and legal issues of drug addiction in youth environment10.32523/2616-6844-2019-127-2-48-61
  • Muratova R. A.
  • Zhugralina B. M.

VOLUME 127, 2019 NUMBER 2
6Tactics - criminalistic ensuring counteraction to criminal offenses of terrorist orientation10.32523/2616-6844-2019-127-2-62-69
  • Sembekova B. R.

VOLUME 127, 2019 NUMBER 2
7Problems of public danger of smuggling withdrawn from circulation items or items whose circulation is limited (Article 286 of the Criminal Code of the Republic of Kazakhstan)10.32523/2616-6844-2019-127-2-70-76
  • Seilkhanov Z. D.

VOLUME 127, 2019 NUMBER 2
8Legal and organizational beginnings of the Ministry of Internal Affairs on the formation and functioning of the juvenile justice system in the Republic of Kazakhstan10.32523/2616-6844-2019-127-2-77-84
  • Suleimanova I. I.

VOLUME 127, 2019 NUMBER 2
9Unauthorized seizure of land: problems and prospects10.32523/2616-6844-2019-127-2-85-92
  • Ashirbekov M. E.

VOLUME 127, 2019 NUMBER 2
10Family mediation: world experience and development prospects in the Republics of Kazakhstan and the Kyrgyz Republic10.32523/2616-6844-2019-127-2-93-104
  • Turabayeva D. S.

VOLUME 127, 2019 NUMBER 2
11Regulation of public procurement in the Republic of Kazakhstan: international legal analysis10.32523/2616-6844-2019-127-2-105-112
  • Amirova . .

VOLUME 127, 2019 NUMBER 2
12The implementation of international law in the national legislation of the Republic of Kazakhstan10.32523/2616-6844-2019-127-2-113-123
  • Myrzakhanova A. K.
  • Abaideldanov E. M.

VOLUME 127, 2019 NUMBER 2
13On the issue of the effectiveness of the Universal Periodic Review10.32523/2616-6844-2019-127-2-124-130
  • Panov S. K.

VOLUME 127, 2019 NUMBER 2