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1Legal and historical frameworks of establishment of university endowment funds10.32523/2616-6844-2020-133-4-8-22
  • Altynbassov B.
  • Amandykova S.
VOLUME 133, 2020 NUMBER 4
2Digital piracy: Responsibility issues of Internet service providers10.32523/2616-6844-2020-133-4-23-32
  • Aronov A.
VOLUME 133, 2020 NUMBER 4
3Some issues of competition of norms on the appointment of a softer punishment than provided for a given criminal offense with other norms10.32523/2616-6844-2020-133-4-33-41
  • Bapanov M.
VOLUME 133, 2020 NUMBER 4
4House arrest: Guarantee of rights and freedoms under the investigative court authorization10.32523/2616-6844-2020-133-4-42-48
  • Akhpanov A.
  • Kulbayeva M. M.
VOLUME 133, 2020 NUMBER 4
5On the issue of a legal entity structure establishment10.32523/2616-6844-2020-133-4-49-61
  • Kizdarbekova A.
  • Toleubay A.
VOLUME 133, 2020 NUMBER 4
6To the question of the concept of «harmonization of labor legislation»: theoretical aspects (on the example of EAEC countries)10.32523/2616-6844-2020-133-4-62-73
  • Alimkhanova S. K.
VOLUME 133, 2020 NUMBER 4
7Animals as an object of legal protection under the legislation of the Republic of Kazakhstan10.32523/2616-6844-2020-133-4-74-80
  • Mukasheva A. A.
  • Nurekeshov T.
VOLUME 133, 2020 NUMBER 4
8The practice of preparing national reports of Central Asian states in the field of the implementation of civil and political human rights and the implementation of the concluding observations of UN committees10.32523/2616-6844-2020-133-4-81-91
  • Tlepina T.
  • Zukay Z.
VOLUME 133, 2020 NUMBER 4
9Features of the implementation of international law norms in the legal system of the Republic of Azerbaijan10.32523/2616-6844-2020-133-4-92-104
  • Rzayev O.
VOLUME 133, 2020 NUMBER 4